Friday, September 13, 2019

The reaction of Surviving Maximum Security Essay

The reaction of Surviving Maximum Security - Essay Example The officials don't really give a "hand of steel" to the prisoners; they just let the inmates do their own way-that's the problem with democracy sometimes, even behind bars. They just seem content to oversee and control the situation within the prison cells (disturbances and the like) but they don't really make any effort to prevent further violence nor they don't give any chance to or help the prisoners to rehabilitate themselves, or even just to discipline them consistently (if not utterly harshly) and reasonably. From what I understand on this particular report, particularly about the California State Prison in Sacramento, there seems to be no likelihood of rehabilitation, no chance of giving those prisoners a lease of life anew; instead the inmates not just rot there but also have a sure possibility to commit further and graver crimes throughout their lives inhabiting in those "slammers". And in this regard, I see this as no more different than the in other countries' prison situ ations. But having said this, I find prison conditions in America an interesting one, and

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