Friday, September 27, 2019

Good Samaritan Laws Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Good Samaritan Laws - Personal Statement Example Moreover, the paper will also look at the impact of these issues on the patients. The paper will also list the ways to promote health and reduce the risk in ethical and legal situations. One of the legal issues that relate to the current healthcare setting includes vaccination of the healthcare workforce. This legal issue rests on the notion that healthcare workers who have direct contact with patients should be vaccinated since they can suffer from infectious diseases in healthcare centres. In a study conducted by Stewart and Rosenbaum in 2010, it was concluded that direct contact can lead to the contracting of infections such as influenza. Such infections can be transmitted through sharing space with infected patients or through handling equipment, which the patients come into contact with during treatment. Whereas vaccination of healthcare workers can be regarded as crucial in the prevention of infections, making vaccination of healthcare workers mandatory can be termed as controv ersial due to the legality of such an issue (Stewart and Rosenbaum 615). Based on the law, healthcare workers should have the freewill to choose whether they should accept a vaccination or not. Therefore, it is not appropriate to force them to undergo vaccination when they do not want to do so (Babcock et al. 459). In my own analysis, there are certain personal and professional issues relating to the vaccination of healthcare workers. Personally, I think it is necessary to undergo mandatory vaccination in order not to put the health of the patients at stake. On the same note, I suppose that it is professionally wrong to force an employee to undergo some tests or vaccination, which they do not want. This issue affects the patient in that it may comprise his or her health. For example, if a healthcare worker contracts a disease from a patient, they may pass the same disease to another patient. The other legal issue that relates to current healthcare setting encompasses the use of soci al media in the healthcare setting. This issue revolves around the use of platforms such the internet to post information about clients or an experience in a healthcare setting (Saleh et al. 294). Some healthcare workers may post information about the experiences of patients, and this can be termed as illegal since such issues should not happen. For example, a legal battle may ensue when a healthcare worker posts some information about a patient suffering from trauma. A study conducted by Lambert and others in 2012 revealed that doctors may be reprimanded by the board when they post sensitive information about patients (Lambert et al. 41). Personally and professionally, I do not think it is acceptable to post some information online about patients. The experiences of doctors other healthcare workers, when dealing with clients, should not be exposed to the public. Such an issue may cause stigma to the patient and affect is interactions with other people. Core values such as upholding ethical standards should be followed in order to address such an issue. The other legal issue in the current healthcare encompasses language access in healthcare settings. This issue revolves around the increase in the number of persons who do not speak English. This diversity has forced healthcare settings to adhere to new legal requirements, which require that non-native speakers of the English language should be treated equally with

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