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The drunkard Essay Example for Free

The drunkard Essay Develop the five-paragraph essay BEFORE you write so that you know Where you are going. The Use of Irony and Humor of The Drunkard In the story, The Drunkard the author Frank OConnor uses a point of view to primarily reveal humor and Irony. In the story, OConnor uses first person point of view. First person point of view is told through the eyes of the main character in this story. The main character is named Larry. Larry is a young boy who has to go along with his father one day to a funeral. Larrys father Mick Is the person referred to as the drunkard. Larry seems to know what will happen when he goes with his father but Is hoping that his father might consider his presence and not drink. Since the story is told through little Larrys eyes and thoughts the reader mainly focuses on how Larry feels about his dad being a drinker. The Irony and humor that is found in human nature is revealed through Larry, first person point of view. and what happens on his outing with his father Mick. Irony, the incongruities between the expected and actual results of events and humor, the quality of being laughably ludicrous are interweaved in this story. In the short story, The Drunkard Frank OConnor uses tlrst person point ot view to reveal the humor and irony that is created in this musing story. Humor is seen many times In the story after Larry and his father Mick reach the bar following the funeral. Larry is thirsty and takes a drink of his fathers beer. Larry finishes his fathers drink and becomes drunk afterwards. While this Is occurring his father is talking away with a man named Peter Crowley who is also a drinker. When Mick realizes Larry is drunk he knows he must take him home immediately. This scene is described as, They all stopped gabbling to gape at the strange spectacle of two sober men, middle aged men bringing home a drunken mall boy with a cut over his This could not be better told than through the eyes of Larry who at the time is observing all he sees happening around him. Two usually drunk men carrying home but a young boy who Is not sobers enough to walk. This humorous scene described by the main character reveals more enjoyment because little Larry is the one who is drunk. It is also a bit ironic that the two grown men are carrying a drunken young boy home and it Is not the other way around. Larry is watching all the people around him and knows how ridiculous he must look In between the arms of his father adepter Crowley. The humor Is revealed in an entertaining way from the first person point of view because of the situation the main character is in and how he is describing it. t Of2 Irony seems to occur In a Tew Instances since Larry Is settlng up tne reader wltn certain expectations. Larry tells us how his father is and knows exactly what will happen after the funeral. His father will wind up in a bar drunk like he had been described doing since his best friend passed away. Larrys first conclusion about the circumstances that are likely to occur is, l know I might have to bring him home, blink runk, down Blarney Lane, with all the old women at their doors, saying: Mick Delaney is on it again (302). This is Larrys prediction to how the day would end up. To the readers hilarious surprise, this is not what happens. Larrys thirst at the bar gets him in to an unusual situation and bewilderment from the liquor he has drunk. Larry as he realizes he is drunk says to himself, But, drunk and all as I was (301). both the Larry and the reader are surprised by this ironic event. Larrys prediction is reversed. He no longer has to take his drunken father home down Blarney Lane. Now Larrys father has to take Larry home blind drunk. The twist of events that Larry the main character is going through mainly reveals the irony also in a more humorous way. Humor through the eyes and words of Larry, the main character, provide the reader with more enjoyment as his day continues. As the men carry Larry by the arms he knows he is going to stroll down Blarney Lane drunk. So as Larry is proceeding down the lane he cries out to the women laughing, Ill make ye laugh at the other side of year faces if ye dont let me pass Go away ye bloody bitches Take care or Ill come back and show ye! (302). this scene described by Larry is very comical. He knows he father usually passes down this same lane drunk but does not get to realize what it is like until now. Its especially worse for Larry because he is not a grown man yet who is allowed to drink. It is ironic also because Larry never thought hed be the one walking down this lane drunk after the funeral. The humor being revealed is more amusing through the words of Larry who is telling the story from the first person point of view.

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