Wednesday, February 26, 2020

ACCOUNTING Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

ACCOUNTING - Essay Example He successfully included all the expenses and related each with one or more cost centers. The report will concentrate on providing a thorough investigation based on the seven vital issues that have been given. 1. Management accounting system does not necessarily relate to a whole new form of accounting system but it concentrates more on providing valuable information to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the business. (Johnson, Kaplan, 1991, p.4). It can be regarded as an extension given to the concept of cost accounting which helps in giving more economic information to the management helping them in decision making, policy formation, detect the major flaws on the business etc. According to the Anglo-American Council Management Accounting is defined as â€Å"the presentation of accounting information in such a way as to assist management to the certain policy and the day to day operation of an undertaking.† From the definition it is being understood that the financial data is basically processed and analyzed in a manner that the management can run business operation more systematically. Apart from business planning and policy formulation there are other certain objectives of this system. This system essentially is being used as a process of interpretation. Unlike cost accountancy it does not always identifies the cost element of the business but it is more dynamic in nature as it analyzes the data and reveals the vital information like where in the company is doing bad or good in its operational processes.( Johnson, Kaplan, 1991, p.4). These identifications in turn help in the decision making of any organization. In this case, the company Thomela though was making profits up to a certain level; there were difficulties in their activities and production, which were exposed when the market collapsed. Thus with the installation of the management accounting system,

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Development of Academic and Vocational Curricula Essay

Development of Academic and Vocational Curricula - Essay Example Basically the outcome of the condition or in other words the end results of the subject’s views on an issue or a particular subject should be treated with fairness or egalitarianism so as to reduce or utmost get rid of the differences between the people or the society that has issues to tackle. This is often referred to as equality of outcome (Equality of outcome). This is achievable if the societies at large join in hands in promoting equality of outcome so as to give a chance to any individual, subject, idea, notion e.t.c that has any point of observation to make on a particular subject. In regard to this subject it seems that there have been milestones in tackling the issue of review and development of academic and vocational curricula at the level 14 – 19 due to differences in calibre, stand, position and ranks of the education. Hence this has led to disarray in the education arena since the indifferences that have cropped up is visibly demonstrated between the various groups on this issue regarding whether the review is feasible or not. Definitely it is explicitly visible that equality of status is looming on this review and development of academic and vocational curricula of 14 – 19 level, since indifference has cropped up hence the debate is still an issue to tackle with a lot of keenness due to the challenge of chronological antagonism on vocational education compared to academic education in terms of its qualification status. There are also sharp and unresolved indifferences between the ministers or government’s spear leaders and the scho ol specialist bodies in education and personalities such as Mr. Tomlinson’s inquiry and Chief Inspector David Bell among others on this education development and reforms issues of 14 – 19 level. Â