Tuesday, September 24, 2019

MIH 514 - Cross Cultural Health Perspectives (Mod 1 CBT) Essay

MIH 514 - Cross Cultural Health Perspectives (Mod 1 CBT) - Essay Example From the cultural standpoint, one cannot but helping that Sharia laws are being used in this country to subvert all kinds of cultures except Islamic ones. Moreover, only selective laws to address professed activities against the culture are being used. For instance, action against corruption which is banned under Sharia is not enforced by the government. This could get exasperated if they were enforce Shariah laws not only for local population but also for other â€Å"non-Muslims† the expatriates and foreign visitors to this country. â€Å"The laws should be extended to non-Muslims, too, he said, a move that would place Aceh in the same ranks as Saudi Arabia† (Asia pacific: Indonesian province embraces Islamic law, 2006, para.4). The main external force, to my mind is the exertion of the dominant culture in the evolutionary pattern of this culture, and perhaps the low tolerance to cultures not akin to the reigning Islamic culture and Sharia laws. While it is necessary for local governments to enforce law and order to maintain the cultural identify and moral integrity of Islamic precepts, it is also necessary that the cultural aspects of other religions need also be respected, especially if does not do any harm to the administration. Besides the aspects of having a global multicultural work force of illegal and legal expatriates, refugees, asylum seekers, employment (multinational corporations and migrant workers) are also contributing, in no small measure, to the enforcement of laws that stem from external forces, mainly law enforcement. It would be injudicious to believe that one’s group is superior to others, especially in multi cultural settings such as the one witnessed in the Acehian context. While country specific laws are needed to keep the place safe, it should not be overstretched to accommodate and enforce corporeal punishment at the slightest non material offence. Drinking may be an offence under Islamic laws, and this could be kept within

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