Wednesday, September 11, 2019

IT and Business Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

IT and Business - Research Paper Example Networking especially using the web and the internet cannot be sidelined in the banking sector. A computerized control system controls the activities of the bank. The term deposit department can check with the operations department, when the deposits of the customers goes up in order to guide them to put their money into term deposits to generate more interest on their money. The marketing and the operations department can be connected through the IT system as the marketing department can search for new customers and can ask the operations department to settle them accordingly. The credit department, through the IT technology, keeps in touch with the operations system before extending credit facilities to any customer. Thus information technology systems help all the four departments to work together. â€Å"Firms with high IT capability tend to outperform a control sample of firms on a variety of profit and cost-based performance measures† (Bharadwaj 169). 3. List the four pri mary reasons for the growth of decision-making information Systems Ans) The growth of decision making systems is high in banks. ... The decision making systems are very helpful in generating intelligence data, which is required for the managers in order to overcome competition in the industry. Generates decision model – The use of decision making information systems enhances the appropriate decision making in banks. The use of decision making systems guides the management in making intelligent decisions for the bank. Problem solver– The use of decision making information system acts as a great problem solver in the banks. The decision making information system is helpful in generating solutions for the problems faced by the management. A strong database – The decision making information systems acts as a strong database in which information can be viewed at a very short notice. The decision making systems helps banks in providing better services to customers and increases their market among customers. 4. Regardless of the scale and scope of your e-business Web site, what are the basic steps i n the website development process? Ans) A website is a part of the bank’s system. A website development process involves a number of steps. Before starting the website development process, a careful analysis of the organization’s requirements is need to be done. The main criterion in the website development process is how the establishment of the website will generate business for the firm. It should be analyzed what is the firm’s requirement. For example does the firm use the website to market its products or does it use it to maintain its resources or does it maintain the website in order to display its human resources online. Then the second step is building according to the specifications, such as the general layout, the site

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