Tuesday, September 10, 2019

International Project Management Assignment 2 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

International Project Management 2 - Assignment Example The member of these cultures are intrinsically not team players (Pheng and Leong 308). As such, it is incumbent upon project managers to develop the skills necessary for successfully interacting with individuals whose behavioral traits are affected by distinct cultural primacies. In the context of the global marketplace, project managers require efficient communication skills, competent leadership skills, suitable interpersonal skills, adaptability, and technical and functional powers (Pheng and Leong 308). Cross cultural management includes communications, dispute resolutions, organizational and national culture, and negotiations. Culture consists of an intricate whole that is comprised of arts, beliefs, customs, knowledge and morals. It also includes the competencies and customs assimilated by individuals as members of society. Thus, culture denotes a distinctive way of life of a group of people, as a comprehensive motif for existing (Pheng and Leong 307). Asian societies attach considerable importance to human relationships and the avoidance of confrontation. This is in marked contrast to the Americans, who do not deem personal relationships to be of greater significance, whilst conducting business. It is the proclivity of the Americans to swiftly and directly focus upon the subject matter or issue at stake (Pheng and Leong 308). This holds out the possibility of causing personal and public discomfiture to the people of other cultures. Lack of proper communication can develop into major issues. For instance, an American manager had stated that her Chinese staff would not inform her if they failed to understand her. These employees would agree to anything that she said, without having the least idea regarding what she was stating. In another incident, an American manager stated that their firm’s quality engineer was not proficient in English. This

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