Monday, August 26, 2019

The Developing Conflict Management Skills in the Hospital Essay

The Developing Conflict Management Skills in the Hospital - Essay Example Communication is very important in making the oncology ward staff effective. I will always listen before I speak, speak slowly and clearly, use diagrams where possible to express my points and encourage questions (Ellis, 2009, p. 33). Burnard (1997, p. 83) asserts that listening shows that one cares. Furthermore, I will acknowledge differences of opinions, be open-minded, not be judgmental, accept feedback, be assertive, and share my feelings and thoughts with members of staff. Good communication ensures that interpersonal communication between leaders and followers is clear and understandable. Good communication ensures that all the team members are informed about how their actions, behaviour and work affect the hospital, patients and the society (Ellis, 2005, p. 23). Good communication skills will ensure that the vision and mission of the oncology ward are well communicated to the staff. Proficiency is necessary for informing and seeking information. I will try as much as possible to communicate with all members regularly. When a problem arises, I will meet with affected parties to discuss and arrive at an acceptable solution within twenty-four hours. I will establish direct contacts with all team members once every week to recognize their efforts and notice their concerns. In addition, I will always be explicit and clear on the expectations I have for all my team members. Effective persuasion is an important communication skill that I will alarm. It enables a leader to influence followers and other key persons in the hospital to follow a particular path or implement a certain idea.

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