Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Critical analyse the functions and management issues in global Essay

Critical analyse the functions and management issues in global business to identify ways to reduce risk and improve organisational effectiveness using appropriate examples where necessary - Essay Example Such a brand is Apple, which has been successful in building a brand name across the world. Leadership is another critical factor that can drive any drowning organization to the shore. All across the world, there are countless examples of leaders as being the drivers of change and ultimately success in organizations, in countries, in politics and in normal day lives. Therefore, leadership also plays an important role in the effectiveness and success of an organization. This paper will first highlight the important areas of management that are critical to the success and effectiveness of an organization operating in a global world. The organization that has been used as an example is Apple Inc. Apple has seen phenomenal growth in the past few years for its record breaking products such as the iPhone and the iPod and now the iPad. They have revolutionized the lifestyles of millions and this is their philosophy. To follow such a critically different path, it is important to keep in all areas of the business working in cohesion to that a synergy creates, giving extra value to the organization. While working in such a diverse and huge geographical environment, Apple also needs to set up risk management procedures and practices throughout its organization; these will also be discussed. The latter part of the paper will discuss the magnetic personality of the CEO of Apple, Mr. Steve Jobs, who has been leading the corporation from the front to success. Th e role of leadership in such an environment and the success that the company has seen will also be measured (Donald, 2006). The international environment makes decision making more complicated, as more controllable and uncontrollable factors enter the overall environment of the organization. In such a time, managing the loyalty of the staff as well as the customers is an equally daunting

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