Sunday, August 25, 2019

Architecture and the Culture of Modernism Essay

Architecture and the Culture of Modernism - Essay Example The essay "Architecture and the Culture of Modernism" discovers architecture and culture of modernism. In a world of development, it is considerably argumentative how architecture could actually follow through the different changes. In this paper, a focus on how modern architecture actually faces the demands by which the human society actually need the changes in structures established today shall be well discussed. Judging from the fact that there are still primitive tribes today who live in caves and rude shelters, some have concluded that it has taken man many thousands of years to develop an architectural sense. According to this theory, modern man’s forebears had to grope their way through many ages of mindless development before intelligence began to dawn. Already vast projects were being undertaken. This was in the days of the rebel Nimrod, a man who defied the Creator, put himself prominently before men as a leader and engaged in building city after city, commencing wi th Babel. Men had mastered the art of building with kiln-dried bricks and mortar. Prominent in Babel and well-calculated to catch the eye and dominate the landscape was the lofty temple tower, probably of the ziggurat type of structure, each story stepped back from the one below. The long-lasting influence of those ancient architects in the pyramids of Egypt, the ruins of the Maya empires of Central America, the remains of colossal shrines in Cambodia and India, and the stepped-back structures of New York and other large cities.

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