Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Nursing Research Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Nursing Research - Assignment Example The later is more common than the former, and it involves disconnecting the ventilator from the patient and then suctioning his or her airway (Anton, & Buiting, 2011). However, disconnecting a ventilator is dangerous because it can cause some disturbances including the loss of lung volume, oxygen desaruration, and a large drog in in the pressure of the airways (Anton, & Buiting, 2011). Therefore, open suctioning is not appropriate for patients affected by an acute respiration distress syndrome. Closed suctioning systems have partly replaced the open suctioning systems. This is because closed suctioning systems allow uninterrupted ventilation, which helps avoid gas-exchange impairment during suctioning and helps decrease the loss of uninterrupted ventilation (Anton, & Buiting, 2011). In closed suctioning systems, the loss of lung volume and the generating of negative airway pressure occur whenever the flow from a ventilator is somewhat lower than the expected suction flow. Studies hav e shown that using closed suctioning in volume-controlled ventilation condition may lead to unpredictably high positive end-expiratory pressure in cases where the suction catheter is inserted (Lasocki et al 2006). While in open endotracheal suctio

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