Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Pick 5 short stories and write 5 responds ( each just have to be one Essay

Pick 5 short stories and write 5 responds ( each just have to be one page) - Essay Example From the description about the colonel in the story, one could conclude that his personality could best be described as a remorseless person in a chaotic country that embraced violence among their people (James, Denise & Tom 85). The colonel reveals his evil personality to the author with no compunction, â€Å"He spilled many human ears on the table† (James, Denise & Tom 85). Furthermore, the author manages to reveal to the reader that the colonel behaved that way since his people had become hard to difficult to govern plus he had enemies. This story written by Fred Leebron remains as an intriguing fictional story that entails a lady that broke up with her boyfriend and sought for revenge. The story begins with a happy time memory of the couple being by the river side enjoying themselves, â€Å"She touches his hair by the river† (James, Denise & Tom 157). The author in the story jumps back and forth in telling her story as she reveals her past relationship and links to the current event. From the story, one could realize that the author enjoyed pleasant times with the man he dated before they moved to his apartment. As the author compares the past life with the present, one could realize that the two had broken up though the author had the key of the apartment. The author goes to her ex-boyfriends apartment and turns on the gas stove without lighting it, then walks away. The author is angry with the man and plans for a fire accident to occur in his apartment since she knew that he liked to smoke, â€Å"The air smells of autumn, burnt† (James, Denise & Tom 157). This story hence reveals the bitterness of a girl who feels cheated in entering a relationship with the man she speaks about, â€Å"His former girlfriends have turned into lesbians† (James, Denise & Tom 157). The readers remain left in suspense on what will happen to the former boyfriend when the author leaves the apartment with the gas stove on â€Å"I turn it on without lighting† (James, Denise & Tom

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