Friday, October 11, 2019

Friabililty Test of Mefenamic Acid Tablets

One of the testing criteria of mechanical strength of tablets tablet friability testing. Tablets must be able to withstand mechanical stresses during their manufacturing, distribution and handling by the end-user. During the process of coating, transportation, packing and processing tablet, tablet will lose some weight. Because of that, the friability test is performed in the pharmaceutical industry to test the tendency of a tablet breaking into smaller pieces during transit.It includes repeatedly dropping a sample of tablets over a fixed time by using friability tester and then checking whether any tablets are broken, and calculate the percentage of loss weight of tablets. A good compressed tablet should not loss more than 1% of its weight. Based on this experiment, after the operation ended, the weight loss of tablets is 0. 0395g which is equivalent to 0. 68% loss from its weight. This means, those tablets are good quality and strong tablets which then can endure the stresses.There are maybe some error during handling the experiment that can lead to incorrect results. After operation ended, the tablets are not fully cleaned from dust which is affect the result. When finished, the samples have to be de-dusted first before weigh again. CONCLUSION The percentage loss of weight of samples is 0. 68%. The samples are good quality tablets because the percentage loss of weight are not more than 1%. 1. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Friability 2. http://www. anabiotec. com/testing/detail/hardness-friability-disintegration

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