Tuesday, October 8, 2019

About marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

About marketing - Essay Example These strategies were part of â€Å"The way forward† an initiative that the CEO adopted to make the company profitable. Ford Company recognized that each of its market segments has unique needs. In this regard, the company introduced new and stronger brands such new Fusion auto. In order to make the new brand attain stronger customer awareness, the company emulated Fusion studio, a promotional campaign that was focused at female customers who highly valued the brand. During the promotion, women were offered free beauty services, music as well as fitness training (Magee and Ford 47). Another strong brand that Ford introduced in the market was the Ford Fiesta. Even though the company brands are focused at meeting the needs of various market segments, Ford Fiesta is a unique model that is accepted in all the market segments. The shift from luxury market in Europe to an emerging market in Asia is another tactic that Ford has adopted to excel in the global market. This has resulted to high demand for Ford models in China and Asia leading to expansion of operations in the two countries. In addition to the introduction of electric vehicles, Ford has continued to emulate effective pricing techniques for its products making it to offer stiff competition to its main rival, Toyota Motor Corporation. Trek Bicycle adopts various market segmentation variables to retain the loyalty of its customers. One of the major variables is lifestyle and behavior. The company realizes that consumers who like to ride in city streets behave differently from those who value mountain riding. In the same way, while some of its customers like a smooth ride, others prefer to experience rough terrains while riding. In this regard, the company focuses at retaining its city riders by selling to them electric motors and pedal-power bikes. Similarly, Trek offers full-suspension model to consumers who value comfort while those who like to feel the terrain are offered with hard-tails. Gender

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