Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Music assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Music - Assignment Example The Gypsy Laddie also evidences localization and changing beliefs with the reference to the lady running with the gypsies and leaving her Lord and child reflecting the changing status in the community at the time with Lords and gypsies. Balladic formulas involved the use of recurrent phrases, stanzas, and lines to express narrative ideas and underline the ballad narrative making it easy to remember the words of a ballad while common modifiers were used in changing pitches. The formulas allowed for the remembering of a shortened fashion of large narrative depicting its importance in remembering words in a ballad. Examples of formulas and common modifiers include the stock words, whole stanzas, incremental repetition, phrases. In songs, the Lily-White hand represented the imminent occurrence of dramatic action including rape or seduction as evident in Prince Heathen and Katherine Jaffray involving rape and torture and rescue respectively. Other formulas used in ballads include dressing in rich attire, where to get a bonny boy, and playing at the ball. Preserving the lyrics or keeping the â€Å"emotional core† intact was important because it represented â€Å"time honored expressions of recurrent ballad actsâ €  with formulas facilitating memorization (Harris, 22). Other than localization, other forces of change that affected ballad lyrics include consciousness of class differences, increased literacy levels/education, urbanization, religion, and different social values and practices (Buchan, 236). There is a possible connection between African American spirituals and the Underground Railroad, and most of the scholars believe that a connection exists between spirituality and the Underground Railroad network. Examples of words used in the Underground Railroad network that come from spiritual texts include â€Å"Drinking Gourd† referred to The Big Dipper who’s handle pointed to the North Star symbolizing the North Start in the Bible that let the

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