Friday, July 19, 2019

Essay --

Throughout The Pearl, by John Steinbeck, the themes of greed and prejudice are greatly expressed, from the beginning with the unjust doctor to the suspenseful end of the supposed ‘Pearl of the World.’ It is amazing, that even in a timeless story as this one, these harsh realities still haunt their world. It could take place yesterday, today, or tomorrow, but the point is that one cannot revert the world to one way of thinking, that is why greed and prejudice still exist. One can try as hard as they want but there are going to be those who are stubborn, of hard will, and those who believe their thoughts are right. I want to show that these themes go far beyond this parable and apply to the world we live in. Those who are prejudice exist around the world; there are those whom think higher of themselves, those whom think lower of others. It could be a small subconscious thought incriminating another peer at school of being a nerd because they are studious or carry other traits one would associate with this word; this, something as small as this, is prejudice. There are those who walk ...

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