Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Global History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Global History - Essay Example Commercial expansion meant not only that the land was the only source of living but more people could buy the land to have a status of nobility in the society. It brought a revolution both in political and military meanings. The new wealthy group people had the resources now to get armors and arms and the regiment of 'hoplites' Hoplites completely depended on their powers to act as a disciplined force. It culminated among them the need for unity. They started discussing their problems in public sittings. Such collective agreement was the beginning of polis- the city state. New wealth meant new men so the aristocracy became the victim of the wealthy class. The new men replaced aristocracy, they set a government which less gave honor to traditional values. The tyrants, who replaced the aristocracy, brought peace after the skirmishes, arising because of the pressure on lands. They introduced a system of magistrates and believed in providing justice to the aggrieved. All these internal and of course external influence were the major factors which led to the concept of city state in Greek civilization. Anderson. Perry. Passages from Antiquity to Feudalism. London, Verso, 1974 Roberts. J.M. The History of the World. New York. Viking Penguin Inc. 1983. (2) The other factors were also responsible for the emerging of the city states in Greek The geography of Greek also played an important role in the formation of the city states. The territory of a city state was one of the narrow valleys and it had menial resources to provide for sustenance. The soil of Attica was not very fertile and Athens would have to depend on imported grain Dialect intensified the sense of...Slavery was the part of Greek civilization. Aristotle was of the view that slaves are born slaves because nature did not give them the right of freedom. Slavery was a prevailing fact and it contributed a great deal in the nascent years of Greek city life. Athens was able to produce pottery, wine and olive oil because of slavery. J.M. Roberts points out that slavery was all pervasive and remained a common feature in the Christian world for so long.

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