Sunday, November 10, 2019

Employee perception on suggestion scheme Essay

Introduction:- Suggestion scheme is a formalized mechanism which encourages employees to contribute constructive ideas for improving the organisation in which they work. The overall aim is to gather, analyse and implement ideas in order to create results that have a positive impact on the business and/or deliver new value to customers. There are two approaches to the suggestion scheme * Traditional approach-which offers cash to their employees for the suggestions they provide. * Participative approach-continuous improvement in employee job profile through higher level of participation. SCREENING OF THE SUGGESTION Every suggestion is evaluated as per the criteria adaptability, creativity, originality and efforts, taken by the suggestor/employee. The amount of award is indicated with proper calculation and understanding of committee. If there is rejection then similar remark is indicated. Generally award is given when the suggestion is implemented. However if the suggestions are accepted and the course of implementation is longer, then interim award is given to the suggestor/employee to keep up his moral. In the same format other information regarding the implementing is indicated. A certificate is given to the suggestor/employee when the suggestion is accepted. This is signed by the chairman of the scheme or some top/ respectable person in the organization. In the good cultured company there is practice of giving a certificate of appreciation to the suggestor/employee even if it gets rejected. Often it carries good value to the suggestor/employee. It is more than money for some of them. Objective:- Primary objective:- * To understand employee suggestion scheme. Secondary objective:- * To analyse effective implementation of suggestions availed by employees. * To interpret initialisation in the part of management in processing the provided suggestions. * To measure employee-superior relationship and support. * To integrate creativity and constructive aptitude and attitude in non-personnel employees. * To set up a management infrastructure to generate ideas, evaluate and capture quality ideas and sustain constant flow of ideas.

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